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Dotlačilová, Petra


Workshop Databases for performing arts (Versailles, 22 mars 2022).


Captation vidéo du Workshop "Databases on performing arts" tenu à Versailles le 22 mars 2022. Le programme est joint.


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Bases de données sur les arts performatifs - Journée d'étude 2022
Arts performatifs - Bases de données


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2022 (captation)

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Digital databases have become an unseparable part of research in performing arts. They help to arrange and navigate through sources, to find connections and to defy geographical and other barriers. The researchers use not only the databases created by institutions such as libraries, museums and archives, but more and more they also actively participate in creating databases based on their own concepts and research focus. Such databases are research based and relational, connecting several types of sources and archival institutions.
The aim of this workshop is to present various strategies in creating a research database in the area of performing arts (theatre, music, dance, costume), both from conceptual and technological perspective, to share experiences and examples of good practice, in order to improve our own work – which is still in progress.


- Petra Dotlačilová is postdoc researcher (Stockholm university/CMBV), leading the project “The
Fabrication of Performance: Processes and Politics of Costume-Making in the 18th-Century”,
- Laurent Guillo is musicologist at CMBV, and CMBV
database manager.
- Bénédicte Hertz is researcher (musicologist) at CMBV-CESR, leader of the project AcadéC about
18th-century music academies in French provinces.
- Pauline Breton-Chauvet is historian, graduated from École nationale des Chartes, and member of the research project ANR AcadéC.
- Elsa Bataille-Testu is costume maker and designer, currently conducting doctoral research at
Université Paris-Nanterre.
- Karin Modigh is dancer and choreographer (Sweden/France), working on a database for the
baroque dance research project “De la plume à l’image”.
- Viveka Kjellmer is associate professor (docent) in Art History and Visual Studies (University of
- Astrid von Rosen is associate professor (docent) in Art History and Visual Studies (University of

Preliminary program:
- 9:20–9:30 Welcome (Petra Dotlačilová)
- 9:30–10:00 Laurent Guillo – Databases of CMBV: concepts and tools
- 10:00–10:25 Petra Dotlačilová – 18th-century Costume Database
- 10:25-10:50 Elsa Bataille-Testu – Database of CNCS
- 11:00–11:25 Bénédicte Hertz & Pauline Breton-Chauvet (TBC)– AcadéC Database
- 11:25–11:50 Karin Modigh – Baroque Dance Database
- 11:50–12:15 Astrid von Rosen & Viveka Kjellmer – DIGARV
- 12:15–13:00 Final discussion